Rugs:  We wash/ wash and reproof all horse wear to include outdoor, indoor and any other horse wear items you may use for yourself or your horse.

We only use Nikwax products for washing and reproofing outdoor rugs as they are specifically formulated for use on horse rugs, contain antibacterial properties and provide consistently good and lasting results.  We have so much faith in our service and the products we use that WE GUARANTEE OUR REPROOFS


Pet Bedding:  We wash and repair all types of pet bedding from coats, towels and small blankets to the largest of dog beds.  We use products with antibacterial and antimicrobial properties to assist with disease prevention.

Jackets and General Rider/Outdoor Wear:  We wash and reproof outdoor wear such as riding jackets and trousers, ski and general country wear.  We can also provide replacement zips .

Repairs: We carry out all types of repair to rugs and all other horse and rider wear items to a very high standard using a waterproof and breathable material on outdoor rugs and a cotton or polyester material for indoor rugs.   We match both the type of material and colour as closely as we are able, to produce a professional looking finish. We can replace belly straps, leg straps, front straps, clips and buckles, – basically anything that can break we can replace.


Replacement Zips:  We can replace zips on all horse wear to include rugs and hoodies.  We also replace jacket and trouser zips on outdoor wear.


We also offer a 48 hour turnaround service for direct drop offs to our warehouse in Romsey, see Get in Touch page for location details.