PLEASE NOTE that these prices only apply to direct pick ups from your yard, or through our courier service.  Different prices will apply to items put through our agent feed stores, tack shops and agent yards.

Prices correct as of July 2019


Wash Turnout Standard Neck  £10.80

Wash Turnout Combo  (fixed or detachable neck) £12.80

Wash Stable Standard Neck  £9.65

Wash Stable Combo (fixed or detachable neck)  £11.65

Wash and Reproof Standard Neck  £17.95

Wash and Reproof Combo (fixed or detachable neck)  £19.95

Wash Neck Only  £5.60

Wash and Reproof Neck Only  £10.80

De-hair (only carried out if you specifically request a de-hair)  £5.10

Travel Boots  £9.60

Numnah  £4.80

Anti-rub Shoulder Saver  £3.60

Exercise Sheet  £7.20

Fly Mask  £3.60

Girth  £3.00

Roller  £3.60

Tail Guard  £3.00

Dog Bed Large  £11.00

Dog Bed Medium  £9.65

Dog Bed Small  £7.20

Towels and other small items are priced per load for which we can provide a quote.

Outdoor Jackets Wash  £9.60

Trousers Wash  £8.40

Outdoor Jackets Wash and Reproof £13.80

Outdoor Trousers Wash and Reproof £12.60


Wash turnout standard neck                      £13.79

Wash turnout combo                                   £15.49

Wash stable standard neck                         £12.65

Wash stable combo                                      £14.35 

Wash and reproof standard neck              £23.95

Wash and reproof combo                           £26.49    



We cannot provide a comprehensive price list as each repair is different and we will provide quotes upon request. The following is a rough guide of our basic pricing:

Small patch (up to 4” square)  £3.00

Medium patch (4” to 6” square)  £3.85

Large patch (6” upwards)  £4.80 upwards

Long cross strap with metal fixings  £6.60

Short cross strap £3.60

Front strap  £3.60

Leg strap (each)  £4.20

Fillet  £4.20

Closing rips 12 pence per inch